About Us

Gigi's Braid Factory is a quality hair salon serving customers with many different hair styling needs. Established in 1999, the salon has become a well known place for getting almost any style braids or similar styles done with clients that have been with the salon for many many years.

"The Braid Factory is Ethiopian run and owned. Most of our customers are Afro-American, and some white people too. We learned when we were young in Ethiopia, but now it is a business. It's very popular now. People see it on TV. Singers, rappers, basketball players. There are zigzags; cornrows; twisted; dreads; Brandy braids, like the singer; and human hair or synthetic extensions. It can cost from $100 to $200, depending on what you want. It takes four to five hours and lasts for several months before you have to do it again."

A customer who declined to be photographed: "My momma started me braiding my hair. I just don't like to do my own hair because it takes too long. You do it to pamper yourself. Everybody I know who comes in here, their hair be on hit. You know what that means, right? It means it's the bomb. It means it be straight. It means it be looking good. Anybody that don't know what that means I can explain it in about five different ghetto terms. Now you know."

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